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    Deih - Valencia, Spain

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  2. The entrance to the lava river cave! (at Lava River Cave)

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    Ivan Prieto

    Study for a composition andother stuff

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    Pastel pink walls.

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    Karlie Kloss by Mikael Jansson for Vogue US April 2014

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    Amanda Wellsh in “’80s Warrior Woman” by Ezra Petronio for Porter Magazine #4, Fall 2014

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    Thor’s upcoming cover is by deviant RDauterman.deviantART.com!

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    Set with just the animated ones at full size.

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    Sam Weber born in Alaska is a New York-based illustrator, awarded a Gold Award by The Society of Illustrators and the Spectrum Annual. He graduated from The Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary, before completing a Masters at The School of Visual Arts in New York. His current clients include Time, DC and Rolling Stone.

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    Hi-Fructose featured artist Sam Weber.

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